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By | November 17, 2021

WaStat can
★ show online last seen time
★ display all time intervals in a handy timepiece view
★ help you collect and dissect online stats for the last 30 days
★ cover up to 10 biographies
★ shoot you announcements as soon as person is online
★ give you support in shortest period
Stylish app to track WhatsApp online status.

Trying to control time you spent on social networks and online couriers? Or perhaps you’re a caring parent that do not want his children to waste time with no sense? Also perhaps you’ll find WaStat app veritably useful for your requirements. This time shamus can cover all your exertion in WhatsApp Messanger and display in handy timepiece view. You can also observe last 30 days statistic in maps. WaStat is stylish adjunct for Wasap online last seen.
This app doesn’t abuse WhatsApp sequestration policy and terms of operation. It doesn’t hack accounts in any way.

We’ll give unlimited updates on further social networks and messangers to our regular guests.
Are you or you family members having hard time managing the online time spent for drooling? Average internet stoner spends too important time drooling on Whatsapp or Telegram. Do you want to increase your productivity by reducing the time you wasted on Whatsapp? If the answer is”yes”you can use Whatster! It doesn’t and will noway bear any login information related to the apps or web spots mentioned below.

Important You can use Whatster for your own or for your family member’s productivity whatsapp tracking purposes. You need to get concurrence if you want to track any other member of your family or if you want to use it for maternal control.
Ultimate Online Productivity Tracker
Whatster is a productivity tracking tool to help you use your time more efficiently. It’s checking the online times for social networks similar as Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and last seen times for Whatsapp.

AI Grounded Photo Suggestion
Don’t waste time searching for prints to partake! We know that it takes enough important time and kills productivity searching for prints to partake on social networks. Whatster has a an ai grounded print suggestion point to partake on stoner’s own Whatsapp status or on other social networks similar as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

• Track the time spent on social networks and online couriers.
• AI grounded popular print suggestion point
• Sends you instant online announcements
• Shows online last seen times for Whatsapp
• Monitoring up to 10 biographies
• Swish graphs for the”hours of the day”and” days of the week”online operation
• Helps you collect and dissect online stats in a stoner-friendly interface
• Support for7/24

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