WiFi Tracker iqapk

Wifi Tracker is a WiFi scanner that can help you see the state of wireless networks in your area.

Ever wanted to whiff out and compass those fugitive open WiFi access points?
This wi-fi scanner uses your GPS and WiFi in combination to checkup for Wi-Fi hotspots, also saves their position to a train which you can also export a KML train to Google Earth, import to Kismet, or use realtime web uploads to checkup and upload in realtime!

Excellent for wardriving in your auto, to overlook lots of hotspots-it can handle logging the position of thousands of accesspoints without crashing and without posting duplicates.
Relatively useful for point checks ( surveying for relaxed Wi Fi access points), or surveying large areas as part of a larger security inspection. Has laggardly down options for surveying whilst walking as well, so you can go for a perambulation or a run around a point and the scanner will still work without consuming lots of battery power
It can also be used if you just have a fleeting interest in seeing what’s out there-for illustration you could take a drive around your megacity centre and see the state of access points ( open, secured, insecure, etc).
The CSV import lets you export the data for manipulation in your favourite spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice/ LibreOffice), or visualise access points using the KML import.

WiFi Tracker also knows about who made the accesspoint that it has plant so can descry utmost accesspoints made by netgear, d- link, 3com, apple, linksys, and so on
. Still, and you have a high- resolution (QStarz 818XT) GPS device connected to that app, also WiFi Tracker will compound it’s GPS data automatically with the advanced resolution data from Torque
, If the Torque app is also running on the device.
Still, drop me an dispatch using the’ contact inventor’ link and I will see what I can do!
, If you have any suggestions.


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